Continuous flow hot water units – Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove


Continuous flow hot water units provide hot water on demand without the need for a storage tank. They work by heating water directly as it passes through the unit, providing a continuous supply of hot water whenever it's needed. Here's how they work:

Gas Units: Gas units use a gas burner (usually natural gas or LPG) to heat the water. When the flow sensor detects water flow, it activates the gas burner, which heats the heat exchanger. The water passing through the heat exchanger absorbs the heat, raising its temperature.

Temperature Regulation: Continuous flow hot water units typically have a temperature control mechanism that allows you to set the desired hot water temperature. As the water flows through the heat exchanger, the temperature sensor monitors the outgoing water temperature and adjusts the heat input to maintain the desired temperature.

Continuous Hot Water: Since the water is heated as it flows through the unit, there's no need to wait for a storage tank to fill up and heat before you get hot water. This heating process ensures a continuous supply of hot water for as long as the tap is open and there's a sufficient flow rate.

Shut-off: When you turn off the hot water tap, the flow sensor detects the decrease in water flow and shuts off the heating element or gas burner. This helps save energy by not continuously heating water when it's not needed.


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