Restricted Electrical Licence & Continuing Professional Development

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I recently completed CPD for my restricted electrical licence (REL) at The Gordon in Geelong, which I needed to complete to continue to be licenced in that area.

A REL enables me to test the electrical components on gas heaters and other gas appliances during a service, repair or installation. It also enables me to disconnect old and reconnect new like for like electric hot water units (without the need to call in an electrician).

I’m a big believer in CPD. It’s crucial in the gas fitting trade, just as it is in any other profession.

The gas fitting industry is subject to strict safety regulations and codes. These regulations can change over time due to advancements in technology and industry best practices. Engaging in CPD ensures that you stay updated with the latest regulations, helping you maintain compliance.

Regular CPD helps you refresh your knowledge and skills related to safety protocols, emergency procedures, and risk management. This leads to a safer work environment for both you, and the people who use the gas systems you work on.

As technology evolves, new tools, techniques, and methods are introduced. Participating in CPD opportunities allows you to learn about these advancements and acquire new skills. This not only boosts your competency, but also makes you more versatile in handling a wider range of tasks.

Continuous learning improves your craftsmanship. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices, you can provide higher-quality services to your clients. Quality work leads to satisfied customers and positive referrals, which can significantly impact your business reputation and success.

Engaging in CPD demonstrates your commitment to professionalism and ongoing self-improvement. Clients are more likely to trust gas fitters who invest time and effort into staying knowledgeable and skilled in their field. This trust can lead to long-lasting client relationships.

By embracing CPD, we ensure that we remain competent and skilled professionals in a rapidly evolving industry.

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