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Continuous Flow Hot Water Units | Tomlinson Plumbing | Geelong | Torquay | Ocean Grove


Considering a different type of hot water heater? Continuous flow hot water units offer several advantages:

Energy Efficiency:  They only heat water as needed, eliminating the standby heat loss associated with traditional storage tank water heaters.

Space Saving:    They are compact and wall-mounted, saving space compared to bulky storage tank heaters.

Endless Hot Water:You won't run out of hot water as long as the unit can meet the flow rate demands.

Longevity:These units generally have a longer lifespan than traditional storage tank heaters.

However, it's important to consider the flow rate and temperature rise of the unit when choosing one for your needs. These factors determine how much hot water the unit can provide at a given temperature. Proper installation and maintenance are also crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

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