What does the tempering valve on my hot water system do?

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Tempering Valves on Gas Hot Water Systems play a very important role

A tempering valve mixes your hot and cold water to deliver water out of your hot tap at a constant temperature, reducing the risk of accidental scalding.

Tempering valves have a temperature sensitive element which adjusts the mix depending on the temperature of the incoming water flowing through the valve.  The mechanism is a sliding valve that varies the ratio of hot and cold water that is allowed to pass.  The valve is designed to maintain a constant outlet temperature.

Plumbers are required to make any adjustments to the valve.

To prevent bacteria growth, particularly legionnaires, hot water should be set at a minimum of 60°C in your hot water unit cylinder, and then regulated for your bathing outlets, through the tempering valve, to between 38°C – 50°C .

It’s so important to make sure that your hot water unit is set to the correct temperature.

A child can be severely scalded in as little as a second, when the water temperature is around 65°C, a temperature not uncommon in some Australian homes.

Our regulations state that the hot water service temperature must not exceed 50°C at outlets that are used for bathing.  The recommended temperature setting for very young children is 37°C – 38°C.

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