The importance of the pressure temperature relief valve on your storage hot water system

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The pressure temperature relief (PTR) valve on your storage hot water unit serves as an important safety function.

It is designed to release excess pressure inside the hot water tank. If the pressure inside the tank were to become too high, it could lead to a rupture or explosion of the tank. The PTR valve prevents this by allowing excess pressure to escape.

It also serves to release hot water if the temperature inside the tank becomes dangerously high. This prevents the water from reaching a temperature that could cause scalding or other safety hazards.

It's very important to ensure that the PTR valve is functioning correctly. Release the valve for 10-15 seconds every 3-6 months. This flushes out any impurities under the seat of the valve and helps keep the valve functioning correctly.

It is normal for small amounts of water to discharge from the valve & drain line while the hot water system is heating; however, if it’s a continuous trickle or a heavy flow, you have an issue.

If the valve is found to be leaking or malfunctioning, it should be replaced promptly to maintain the safety of your hot water system. Attempting to repair or replace a PTR valve on your own can be dangerous and is best left to a licensed plumber.

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