Efficient gas heaters save you money

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Heaters are expensive appliances to replace. Regular servicing (at least every two years) ensures they are kept in the best shape possible for optimal performance, reduced energy consumption and overall longevity.

Regular servicing allows for proactive maintenance of your gas heater. Potential issues can be detected as early as possible, helping to reduce more expensive repairs later on.

The primary benefit of servicing and safety checking your gas heater is ensuring the safety of the people living in your home. Gas heaters can pose risks such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards. Regular servicing helps identify potential issues that can be promptly addressed to maintain a safe environment.

Knowing that your gas heater has been professionally serviced and safety checked provides peace of mind. You can feel confident that it is operating safely, efficiently, and reliably, particularly during the colder months when us southern-Victorians rely so heavily on them.

Always make sure your gas fitter is licensed in Type A Gas Appliance Servicing - and ask for a copy of the report showing testing has been completed to the relevant Australian Standards & lodged with the Victorian Building Authority (as per legislation).

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